Incomplete Order (Missing Item)

If you have received an incomplete Order or missing items on your order, please take note of the following:

  • Did your package appear to have been opened or tampered upon delivery?

  • Kindly check if there are any markings on the packing slip such as a "to follow" note next to the item name that is missing. If this is the case, our warehouse purposely split the shipment. This is typically done when an item is too large to ship together with other items, when there is a delay in our receipt of the full shipment of an item from the vendor, or when there's an issue with the shipment we received from the vendor, etc. In these cases, the warehouse splits the shipment so as not to delay the customer's receipt of the other product(s), marks "to follow" on the packing slip, and ships the other item(s) separately once they become available.

  • Kindly send us a photo of the shipping label and the actual item that you have received together with the packing slip.


Please email us at 

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